Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.
(Henry Ford)

Do you want to know more about the shopping community we promote since March 2012?
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Some highlights, that more than 280 people in our team already experienced and can witness:

  • no cost to join
  • no purchase obbligation
  • no spam
  • solid and trustfull community, founded in 2003
  • cashback up to 5% on purchases both at the corner shop and online
  • friendship bonus up to 0,5% for the expenses of your friends
  • additional earning opportunities for who wants to create, supported by our team, a network

Some figures:

  • more than 221.000 members in the USA
  • more than 8.000.000 members worldwide
  • more than 2.100 offline suppliers in the USA (330 in the UK)
  • more than 700 online suppliers in the USA (330 in the UK)
  • advantages in more than 50 countries

Joining, keeping being a member, taking benefits and using of all support tools is completely free! Loyalty dealers offer the cashback to the consumer (and the friendship bonus to who introduced him to the community) as a thank for the fidelization of existing customers and for the opportunity to get new customers. The company gives a finite part of its margin, only after having received the payment.

If you own a company, or are interested in turning one of the enterprises you know well to a loyalty dealer, just get in touch with us: we take care of this as well.

If you wish to get a list of the nearest suppliers, send us an email: we'll send you a complete and updated list, with no obligation. We'll also reply to your questions, obviously.